Commtact innovative and comprehensive line of wireless and data link products, systems and solutions, is the outcome of Commtact’s broad range of capabilities to design, develop and manufacture overall communication solutions and applications, based on its own developed technologies and its mature line of products . Commtact rely on its engineering backbone and accumulated knowhow in wireless communication technology for over two decades. The research & development department in Commtact consists of the following sections:

RF Group

  • Experience in wide spectrum of frequency bands – VHF/UHF/L/S/C/X/Ku
  • Design of RF modules and chains
  • Antenna Design

Algorithm Group

  • Digital modulations
  • Auto tracking

Video processing Group

  • Compression Engines (H264 and etc.)
  • Low video latency
  • Video enhancing algorithms

Digital Group

  • FPGA implementation
  • DSP implementation
  • System integration
  • Software implementation

Mechanical Group

  • Pedestal design
  • Heat dissemination analysis
  • Mechanical design