Commtact Ltd. is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and support of innovative communications and information systems for military, homeland security (HLS) and commercial applications. The company provides the ground, naval, airborne, and homeland security domains with advanced tactical electronics and communications equipment. In the field of secure communications and network-centric warfare, our products strive to address the technological and environmental challenges, especially concerning portability issues such as size, weight,  connectivity and power constraints.

Commtact technical approach is focused on new solutions that are dependable, adaptable, secure and responsive across the product life cycle, along with continuous improvement of existing products. Commtact champions technological innovation and invests more than 20% of its annual revenue in intensive research and development.

Among Commtact clients are government’s agencies, military and civilian organizations and ventures worldwide, allowing it to play a direct role in the ever-more-important homeland security projects and the global war on terror. Commtact is committed to providing the military forces and the first responders with products that ensure successful mission execution and safe return home.