Commtact is a leading Israeli developer, manufacturer and supplier of Data Links solutions.

Since its establishment in 1991, Commtact has been focusing on R&D programs continuously and intensively. In fact, our ability to keep the competitive edge in the market has become our core competence and advantage over our competitors.

Our highly skilled staff and engineers have enhanced our line of products and achieved various technical improvements in the fields of Data Link and Video compression, all designed specifically for the client’s demand.

All the products created and innovated by Commtact benefit from both a good reputation of fine quality as well as from reasonable and competitive prices. Most importantly, we are always at the disposal of our customers and their requests, thinking one step ahead, pursuing the best and the finest solutions to satisfy both their current & future’s needs.

With our proven experience in the Aerospace industry, the Company’s strategy is to create and sustain a firmly established international presence, operating through a carefully tailored network of worldwide partners. Our strategy is based on the belief that cooperating with others can sometimes furnish our clients with the best “Taylor-made” solution to their full satisfaction, and that’s what we are really about.

With this unstoppable success and experience in Data link solutions, Commtact is now expecting to become a new world leader, and you are invited to benefit from it.

On behalf of Commtact, I wish to thank you for your precious time in reviewing our site.

Yours sincerely

Shai Palti