The IDLS MkII is advanced data link for SAR, EO/IR, MPR, and other applications using unmanned or manned platforms for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). The system can be used for ground, aerial and naval platforms.

Based on the IDLS MkII open architecture, customers can get an advanced performance and functionality system; which meets operational requirements for mission-specific needs.

IDLS MK-II System Key Capabilities:

  • Long range – up to 250 Km (LOS)
  • Extended range beyond LOS via relay.
  • Support different types of sensors (SAR, EO/IR, MPR, SIGINT and more).
  • Bi-Directional link (UPL&DNL)
  • TRANSEC capability
  • COMSEC capability
  • High reliability, low life cycle costs


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