The Transportable Integrated Data Link System (TIDLS) is Commtact’s transportable trailer system for ground data-link systems. The TIDLS is equipped with 4.5m massive mast that can carry up to 100Kg payloads with excellent rigidness, enabling high accuracy pointing operation for tracking systems. The TIDLS can carry various types of payloads (Datalink, Radar, Observation systems and etc.).The system is designed for harsh terrain deployment and can be towed by any towing vehicle with a suitable towing power.

TIDLS main features:

  • Requires single operator (less than 10 minutes for deployment)
  • Standalone operation scenario
  • Central axis trailer type S.D-18B.
  • Adjustable towing bar: the TIDLS Bradley’s towing bar can be adjusted to suit any towing vehicle with suitable towing power.
  • 4.5m massive mast (5m above ground).
  • Various power supply available sources.
  • Control cabinet enables single point full control over the trailer.
  • Leveling system: operable for up to 6º/10º longitudinal/lateral inclinations (slopes).
  • Payload protective cover.
  • Smart trailer access panel enabling easy interface to Ground Control Station.
  • Fully redundant: TIDLS is designed to provide full redundancy for critical operations such as: power supply, mast lifting/lying and mast extension/folding.


Transportable Integrated Data Link System Movie