In the last few years, there is a growing need for small aerial, ground and naval platforms such as Mini UAVs, unmanned ground vehicles and more. This growing need creates an urgent supplement requirement for a suitable data link solution. This data link solution shall   fit this type of platforms constrains requirements such as size, weight, power and spectrum efficiency. Commtact’s Advance Mini Link System (AMLS) is an ideal data link solution for such application presenting small size, low weight miniaturized transceiver with an advance secured digital data waveform. The AMLS meets the tough requirements of Mini UAV and other applications helping to protect soldiers and first responders by providing awareness of surrounding.

AMLS Capabilities:

  • Flexible bandwidths
  • High-quality H264 compression
  • Low weight, size and power consumption
  • Operation range:

o   Up to 15 km (Omni-Planar).

o   Up to 50 km (Omni-Mini GDT).

o   Up to 100 km (Omni-GDT)

  • COMSEC and TRANSEC capabilities.



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