The Micro Data Link System (MDLS) is designed to provide an answer to growing requirements of micro size platforms which are not only sensitive to size, weight and power (SWaP) but also to price. The system meets high demanding environmental conditions and provides full performance of video processing (H264), ECCM capability, advance digital waveform and etc. The MDLS was designed for small UGV, small VTOL UAV and other applications. This market has commercial and also Home-Land-Security (HLS) applications and with the MDLS maximizes the real-time information delivered from those unmanned platforms, enhancing situational awareness.

MDLS Capabilities

  • Accommodates SWaP-constrained platforms
  • Ultra-small, ultra-light (meeting military standards environmental qualifications)
  • Low power consumption
  • Interfaces with standard digital camera modules
  • Operation range:
  • Up to 5 km (Omni-Omni).
  • Up to 10 km (Omni- Planar).
  • Up to 35 km (Omni-GDT)
  • COMSEC and TRANSEC capabilities


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