The UHF/VHF Radio (UVR) is an advanced analog/digital data link system that has been specifically designed for manned and unmanned platforms to handle both audio and data transmission. The UVR’s open architecture enables transmitting audio and Ethernet signals. It combines the commercially proven technologies and standards with advanced algorithms, to provide high excellent reliability and high performance.

The UVR systems family is a range of radio-communications equipment and systems designed for military environment, but not limited to military applications. The UVR systems family has been developed to provide the wide range of functional options, in order to meet diversified operational requirements. The solution consists of a multi-band, multi-mode transceiver, providing with clear/secure voice/data communications facilities over an extended frequency range.

UVR Capabilities:

  • Long range
  • Variable data rates
  • Bi-Directional (UPL&DNL)
  • High reliability and low cycle cost
  • Extended frequency band, 30 to 500 MHz
  • ECCM capability
  • Low power consumption




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